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We now accept PAYPAL via the Worldpay system. Paypal is a selection available from the RBS Worldpay secure payment page.

We have produced a CD of realistic firework noises, designed to help worried owners desensitise their pets to the scary whooshes, whistles and bangs. It is not a magic cure, but if used properly over a number of weeks it can help many pets to be less afraid of sudden loud noises. Start using the CD now, and get your pet ready to face November 5th and the New Year fireworks. The CD can also be used to enable a litter of puppies to gradually get used to the scary sounds they will encounter out in the wide world.

Do remember that we cannot put all our items on the online store, so ring us or e-mail if there are other things you are interested in. We have a large retail shop, and access to most major pet product manufacturers.

Do you know about Thornit ear powder?

If your dog suffers from smelly, sore ears then read our information sheet in the Ear Problems section of this site. We are now sending Thornit all over the world, including the USA, South Africa and New Zealand. We do not charge any extra to send Thornit all over the world, because we feel it is so important for everyone to have access to Thornit.